Why do we have unique and creative ideas during bathing?

“The shower room has long been known to be the place where germs die, but it’s where ideas thrive,” says Brandon Spector, in an article in Reader’s Digest.

He adds that recent research has revealed why bathing is a source of relaxation and inspiration.

He points out that the Bathing Ideas forum at the Redit site has helped to prove this fact. A range of modern research provides answers to the mystery behind the unleashing of our thinking during showering.

A little distraction – as the article points out – plays a key role in stimulating one’s creativity.


He notes that while the intensive and continuous focus is a critical factor in accomplishing delicate tasks – such as filling out a tax form or conducting a multiple-choice test – excessive focus may prevent the human mind from being explored beyond the obvious.

Sometimes, a small amount of distraction can occupy an area of ​​cognitive ability that allows the imagination to be unleashed, which is what happens during bathing.

While one is distracted when cleaning his body, the rest of his mind begins to explore unusual ideas that he might ignore if challenged in different situations.

“Washing hair with shampoo does not require a lot of cognitive focus until other parts of the brain begin to contribute to new ideas,” he says.

Part of the mind focuses on external stimuli and the remaining part begins to process a wide range of inspirational thoughts (Pixabee)


While part of the mind focuses on external stimuli, the remaining part relaxes to address a wide range of inspirational ideas, which explains why productivity increases when working in a cafe, or what makes thinking of a problem while running is great.

The author says he prefers to shower early or late at night when one’s mind is bolder and more creative.

Research has revealed that thinking beyond the peak of the biological rhythm usually leads to the emergence of a creative side in humans, because of the rush of the brain and low perception at the time, which opens the way for the emergence of more ideas.

One is more creative when it is especially tired when bathing before the immortality of sleep (Pexels)


Money says that if bathing is one of the morning’s first activities, it is likely that one’s mind will remain at the same level of creativity it has acquired during sleep.

He adds that it has been shown that a person is more creative when he is tired especially when bathing before immortality to sleep directly.

For many people, bathing is a means of relaxation and self-effacement, especially after a hard day, the author explains.

Warm water and steam from the body give the body a sense of comfort, which leaves the mind feeling comfortable as well.

The writer concludes that one should enjoy the moments he spends in the bathroom where he can stimulate his mental abilities and discover creative ideas


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