As the summer vacation approaches, the mothers’ quest for activities for their children is on the way

Soon the exams will be over to start the summer vacation, and the children will spend them in their homes, repeating the phrase “We are tired, what will we do today?”

A question that most mothers are comfortable with answering during the study period, which, despite their burdens and difficulties, is able to fill the children’s vacuum, and to spend some time in the morning breathing for mothers away from the pressures of their children the rest of the day.

As the summer vacation approaches, mothers begin to look for a summer activity that preserves their children as a result of what they learned during school days, and allows them to acquire new skills that will gain them more confidence and self-reliance, depending on the child’s age and innate readiness.

You can start by choosing the right activity for them, depending on your ability to understand your child and understand the secrets of himself and his mind. Give your child a good space for summer interaction away from screens and electronic play hours.

Appropriate Work for the Age of the Child

First destination: If your child is over 10 years old and can go to the appropriate age-appropriate job market, work is not required to be paid, but providing a regular daily pattern to perform a specific task ensures that your child learns to take responsibility.

Your child can work under your supervision or supervision in your own work even if the tasks assigned to him are simple, such as arranging papers, writing a book of appointments or coordinating some office tasks, but being treated as a work and rewarded with a special gift away from his daily expenses.

Sport Activities

Clubs, youth centers and football courts have many sports activities that are accepted by many during the summer. One of the most important sports for children is swimming, gymnastics and karate, all of which prefer early age, from the age of three years.

Collective games, such as football, basketball and hand, are a favorite activity for children on summer vacation, and you can continue with them during school. Group sports also help children make friends and learn to work in teams.

Activities and sciences

In recent years, academies, science centers and activities specialized in the development of mental skills for children from the age of four to 14 years have become a cornerstone for the establishment of children to study science in various fields.

The prices of the training courses vary depending on the capabilities and tools used. The duration of one level of training lasts from one to one and a half months, and some training lasts for six months in the fields of chemistry, biology and electronics.

The scientific experiments of children provide a world of mystery, excitement and discovery, and it can be complemented by the implementation of some home experiences with children through the use of YouTube videos or the Encyclopedia of Science for young people.

Household activities and skills

From the age of five, you can rely on your child for some simple household tasks, except that he can collect his toys and collect his own things after the game, but at an early age during the summer vacation you can integrate your children with your daily tasks, such as cooking, cleaning the kitchen and arranging the rooms.

At first you will have some chaos and constant movement, but over time you will find that you are doing your best, that your child is able to arrange his bed and his room, use the vacuum cleaner, run the washing machine, look for lost objects and help you prepare delicious desserts and pastries.

Cultural activities

The Ministries of Arab Culture offer many cultural activities for children. In Egypt, for example, Beit Al-Aini, affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and Beit El Senary of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, offers many activities aimed at children, such as workshops, music, drawing and decoration workshops, painting, Small hand-based skills.

In Jordan, the Children’s Museum of the King Hussein Gardens offers a number of recreational, educational and scientific activities for children. The Qatar National Library also offers special summer activities for children as well as the Skills Development Center.


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