The most common mistakes among house chefs

Although we know the basics of cooking, we need experts’ recommendations in this area to help us avoid common mistakes and thus improve our cooking skills to offer quality cuisine in restaurants.

“Regardless of the number of cooking programs we see or the food codes we read, sometimes we do not succeed in preparing dishes that match those prepared by professionals every day,” author Kelly Vaughan said in a report in Real Simple magazine.

1: Use a knife that is sharp

The use of sharp knives is very important. Chefs in the house are often afraid of sharp knives, forgetting the fact that the non-sharp knife is causing more damage.

“Buy yourself a good chef’s knife and look for a shop that can make it even sharper,” says Karen Akunović, the chef and owner of the Fox and the Nayef restaurant. “This cooks your cooking skills and makes them more fun.

2: Use dried herbs instead of fresh

“Use fresh herbs whenever you have the opportunity because nothing brings a delicious flavor to the dish like fresh herbs,” said the chef. “In fact, a handful of basil or coriander can change the entire dish, so if you use dried herbs, Replace them with fresh ones. “

3: Use herbs and old spices

According to Chef Caroline Glover: Spice and herb-like onions and garlic, lose their flavor over time. The taste of old spices becomes very sour even after cooked. For long-lasting garlic and onions, always remove any green color that may spread on the outer shell. “

4: Add spices at the end

“In many cases, chefs at home do not eat their dishes until just a few minutes before the preparation is done,” said Chef Akunović, adding: “In fact, it’s better to add salt, black pepper and herbs from the start, and you’ll notice the change on your plate.”

5: Reliance on ready-made components

According to chef Michael Glazier, owner of a restaurant in West Hartford, USA, “The use of fresh ingredients is very important.” Many people believe that buying ready food is the right way, but I believe that buying raw food is the only way to ensure that Generally, fresh ingredients may take a little time to cook, but the final result is worth the trouble. “

6: Over-cooked meat

In order to avoid this mistake, buy a thermometer to measure the temperature of the chicken pieces and steaks while cooking, and leave the meat for at least 10 minutes after cooking. “He said.

7: Do not follow the recipe accurately

“Chefs often make a common mistake, especially during bread,” says chef Rabie Saber, a confectioner. “They take a few steps, like donning cakes before the temperature is right. To succeed the dish and get the desired taste. “

8: Use room temperature components to prepare pancakes

“To make a crispy, butter-rich pancake paste, make sure the butter and water used are very cold, and you can cut the butter into cubes and place it in the refrigerator for 15 minutes before mixing it with flour,” said Maya Camille Brossard, a Chicago restaurant owner.


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