The most beautiful scenes of dance in the history of cinema

The dance scenes add to the cinema fun, beauty and rigidity, become an alternative to dialogue, stick to memory and make the viewer more interactive with the film, while at the same time challenging the filmmakers and celebrating the International Day of Dance.

1935 – (Cheek to Cheek – Top Hat)

Fred Ether sings for Jinger Rogers in one of the most famous musicals, begins a classic beginning, Fred and Ginger dance in the middle of a large collection, then unique camera in a scene lasted five minutes was not cut only five times.

Rogers wanted to wear a dress decorated with ostrich feathers and the director refused to do so because it was inappropriate for the performance of the dance. She threatened Rogers to withdraw from the filming and the director gave in to her will. Esther later said that the fall of some feathers from the dress was like a chicken being attacked by wolves.

1967 – (West Side Story – The Dance at the Gym)

The film “The Story of the Western Quarter” tells a story inspired by Romeo and Juliet for William Shakespeare. In the most famous scenes, Maria and Tony are in love, where they all point to each other. The two characters are at the center of the viewer’s attention and all the characters are confused. Maria and Tony signed in love and decided to ignore the world.

2016 – (Another Day of Sun – La La Land)

Traffic congestion on the doors of Los Angeles turns into a dance show and ends up a meeting between the heroine. In this scene, the director is inspired by the long or one-shot spectacle in classical music, and the character of the music that begins the reviews anywhere, any time, was supposed to be the second scene in the film, but the director decided to start with his film Musically from the beginning.

2016 – (Final ballet – An American in Paris)

The one-month-long scene that cost him nearly half a million dollars has always been thought by Vincent Manelli, the director of the film, to create a barrier between the picture and the feelings he carries. There is no way to prove his point of view better than this.

1954 – (Barn Dance – Seven Brides for Seven Brothers)

Michael Kidd, the dancer, said he had to find a way to dance that the audience could accept from such heroes. 1 This resulted in an exceptional design of dances, polka-style movements, acrobatic movements, and martial dance scenes. In the forest, to create a scene that remains in memory.

1977 – (More Than a Woman – Saturday Night Fever)

The most famous scene in the movie that starred John Travolta after that, Charisma Travolta makes this scene immortal, his way of walking and dancing, his looks, his self-confidence, his preoccupation with him makes him a man all women wish, and all men wish to become like him.

1943 – (Flash Dance – Stormy Weather)

The brothers Nicholas in a dynamic dance, mixing rhythmic dancing with rhythmic jerks, successive leaps and falls of stairs like frogs, is so unique that dancer-choreographer Georgi Heinz says that their own portrait will be computerized and no one will be able to imitate them.

2010 – (The Full Transformation – Black Swan)

A ballet dancer looking for perfection, in her quest to overcome her fears and tame her obsession, and in her last dance turns into a mythical bird, an annoying and dark dance transformed by Natalie Portman into an iconic scene.

2006 – (Step Up – The Final Dance)

A dance that combines hip hop and Tango influences, Channing Tatum and Gina Diwan dance in stunning harmony, even though they are different dance schools in the film.

1952 – (The Rain Scene – Singin ‘in the Rain)

The first film on the list of the American Institute of Cinema for the best music, even those who did not watch the film know this scene well, Jane Kelly as Don Lockwood leaves Kathy and feels love, go out to the street cheerful and emerge in a song in the rain.

2018 – (Sunset Dance – Burning)

The scene where the heroine stands and takes off her clothes and stands dancing in front of the sky, director Lee Chang Dung wanted to capture the feeling of a woman looking for the meaning of life while she was with the heroine of the film.

1953 – (Dancing in the Dark – The Band Wagon)

Fred Astaire and Mr. Chares go to a place where the lovers dance together, go beyond it until they reach a free zone to dance together, the empty place is not the dance theater, the characters of the film have given up being star actors in exchange for being ordinary characters, free from being celebrities and expressing their true feelings


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