Brazilian police arrest “parrot guide”

In a strange and rare incident, the Brazilian police arrested a parrot bird during a crackdown on drug trafficking in the north of the country.

According to local media, the parrot was trained to alert workers in the wacker in the state of Piaui, as the police approached.

The bird began to scream when police rushed into the building where the wicker was located, the Washington Post quoted the Brazilian R7 television as saying.

Police declined to comment on the arrest of the parrot, but the reports angered the environmental activists who tried to free the bird from the grip of the police.

Globo News reported that police had released the parrot and had been taken to a zoo in Brazil where he would be trained to fly.

Parrot extinguishes house lights in a “smart”

A video, published in the Daily Mail newspaper, showed a smart parrot talking fluently to Alexa to execute Amazon’s voice commands.

The source said that the parrot “Petra” seems to have learned some words and tricks to create a virtual conversation with “Alexa.”

The pet was filmed in Orlando, Florida, introducing himself, by name, and then giving the device order.

Recent data from Strategy Analytics showed that Alexa’s audio assistant was superior to Google’s voice assistant, both in terms of communication efficiency and sales figures.


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