Emotional Intelligence Will Help Them .. Do Your Children Behave Badly?

Often, when children express dissatisfaction with their bad behavior, adults are quick to judge them as unrepentant. In fact, there are no bad children. All they need is time to improve their behavior so that everyone can enjoy a harmonious and positive family life. Children need patience and guidance from their parents to achieve this goal.

Maria Jose Roldan warns in a report published in the Spanish magazine Itapa Infantele of the danger that parents will pass negative judgments on their children when they do bad behavior, because there are always feelings behind this behavior, it must be revealed and understood. Only in this way, parents can know what is happening with their children, and behave properly. Training children to develop their emotional intelligence is one of the best ways to help.

Know yourself well

Emotional intelligence helps children to know themselves well, as well as to manage and understand the states of nervous tension and other negative emotions that may overwhelm them.

Through emotional intelligence, the child learns how to understand himself and others, and thus trains on the values ​​of compassion and respect. More good behavior will be enhanced because it becomes based on an understanding of subjective emotions, and goes beyond the desire to vent these feelings in the form of negative reactions.

Children enjoy personality

Children whose personalities are strong, always suffer from mood. In fact, this is not a bad thing, but all they need is to get closer to their parents and get constant guidance.

Regardless of the nature of the child’s personality and psychological state, he always needs to care for his parents to be well established. Children need to have their parents and fathers always to set rules and understand their needs, and to inform them that certain unacceptable behaviors should not be repeated.

The skill of self-control is also important, and children must master it to stay away from harmful behaviors in the future. Accountability is the best way to make them grow up to be independent and able to understand themselves and others. This is not easy, but it is possible through the use of emotional intelligence skills.

Emotional intelligence is the solution

There are useful strategies to follow with children over the age of four, since it is from this age that the organization of the needs and wishes of children becomes possible. To this end, their reactions must be understood and avoided in future times.

Through strategies that enhance emotional intelligence, the child will begin to understand some facts of life, such as not assuming that he will always get what he wants at any time, and understand that he is the one who controls his feelings and mental state, a skill that will benefit him during the rest of his life, :

1 – calm myself to explain what happened and how I feel

If the child is acting inappropriately, you should not shout at him or get into a state of anger. On the other hand, he is advised to ask him why he did this, and to help him find the right words to describe the feelings that surround him, as if to say, “I hit my brother because I felt very angry.”

2 – understanding the feelings of others

This is about promoting empathy. If the child’s actions are negative, he must understand the effects of his behavior on others, and every action we do has consequences for the other. Positive behavior remains the best choice for us and the counterparty.

3-Having understood my feelings and the feelings of the other, I can act responsibly

You should help your children find appropriate solutions to problems that have caused them emotional distress and anxiety. In this sense, they will have the ability to react more appropriately next time.


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