Does Avengers ‘End of Game’ achieve the highest revenue in history?

You do not need to be a follower of Marvel’s movies or movies until you hear about Avengers: Endgame, a worldwide film from April 24, which has become the most prominent event for social networking platforms, Did not like him and did not watch the film and demands not to burn events.

The momentum of the film is unprecedented in social networking sites, but there is a lot of queues and queues at the different ticket windows to the extent that tickets are booked in advance for more than a week, and getting tickets is very difficult.

These lines have been translated into numbers, so that the last film – so far – in the Avenger series has unprecedented numbers around the world, and exceeds the $ 1 billion mark in only five days. Yes, the number is correct. In the following lines we will discuss the record numbers and the numbers that have been left to the top. To achieve revenue in history.

The huge publicity and great anticipation of the film came to fruition and more. The start was with opening numbers in North America, with $ 157 million in its first day, surpassing the title of Star Wars: The Force Awakens by $ 37 million.

The second was just three days after the opening, with $ 357 million in America, making it the top weekend opener of all time, beating the defending champion Avengers: Infinity War, And even surpassed its forecast of 310-340 million in the first three days. This figure is less than a small cost of the film estimated at $ 400 million.

Outside America, things were going well. In China, the biggest revenue earner outside the United States, the film made $ 217 million in just three days, breaking a new record. But the most important figure was in the revenues it achieved during the first five days around the world.

On the fifth day, Avengers earned $ 1.2 billion, of which about 866 million were from outside the United States in another record, but by far this time, with the previous figure as the top opening outside the United States is “The Fate of the Furious” in 2017 , Reaching $ 443 million, meaning that the “end of the game” exceeded by almost double.

The first film, just over a billionth in its opening days, has become a record, but it does not appear that there will be anything beyond the last part of the Star Wars epic to be shown at the end of this year.

The film is now ranked 17th on the top of the world’s top-grossing film industry with a slight difference from several films. It will certainly surpass it in the coming days and join the very small $ 2 billion film club, which includes only four films: Vigilance of power, “and he has the greatest challenge in the film director James Cameron, who leads the list.

In the first place, “Avatar” starred in two billion and 788 million, followed by Titanic, which still stands at 2 billion and 187 million. It is known that the first weeks of the offer are the largest figures, and then the revenue begins to decline gradually. But to what extent will it fall? Does he do it, and the Cameron film follows all that time from the top?

Within a few days of the opening of the film in various countries, he has already achieved record revenues, reaching $ 644 million worldwide to become the top editor in history, beating the previous part of the series.

So far the film has broken several record numbers for editorials such as the highest revenue on opening day in North America and elsewhere.


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