Do you wash clothes? This is the best way

You may think that everyone knows what the correct way to wash clothes, but after reading this report you will be surprised that you make mistakes while washing your clothes, which causes you to lose your favorite clothes in a short time, and some of these errors cause damage to the washing machine itself.

They damage the washing machine

The first step, which precedes the position of the washing machine in operation, must be that it is flat horizontally and that nothing underneath it is tilted even slightly, this can cause damage to the base and the buttons of the washing machine.

It is sometimes overlooked that the washing machine filter must be cleaned every period so as not to clog the inner ducts. The same applies to the dryer filter, which is preferably cleaned periodically.

And may depend on the dryer always, but the site “Readers Digest” advised not to increase consumption of the dryer and try to spread clothes whenever possible, especially clothes made of thin fabrics that do not take long to dry.

Attention should also be paid to certain types of clothing that should never be placed in the dryer, such as beaded clothing. Drying the dryer may spoil clothes and dry them together.

Do not rely on dry drying clothes and show your clothes to the natural sun heat (pexels)

.. and not clean

There is a misconception among many that washing the washing machine is not necessary because it works with detergents. On the contrary, the washing machine’s handling of the various bacteria, stains, and dirt call for extra attention to cleaning.

Therefore, if the washing machine with a top load must be set at the highest temperature, when filled with water, add a liter of vinegar with a cup of sodium bicarbonate, leave without work for an hour and then restarted with the cleaning of the cover and all the external parts and left open to dry.

The washing machines with front-loading is compounded by a quarter of a cup of sodium bicarbonate to a quarter of a glass of water in the drawer of detergent, and added Cuba vinegar into the washing machine and set to the highest temperature, and after finishing wipe all the washing machine parts well with a clean cloth, with attention to filling rubber door.

Put the clothes on

Although almost all types of clothing have a label to explain the cleaning instructions, these instructions are often ignored and washed without reference to the instructions, so it is necessary to pay attention to them. Do not neglect the dry cleaning mark and not put the clothes carried by this mark in the washing machine.

Is self-evident else has overlooked some or Atanasah: Separate clothes by color and quality, it must be emphasized that the wash dark together in low-temperature clothes do not even fade colors, it is best to use a special detergent dark clothes, wash the white clothes together at a temperature slightly higher because they The temperature is high, and it is best not to use Candida as much as possible.

A large number of clothes should not be placed in the washing machine, to allow adequate water space to move freely for better cleaning.

Clouds and buttons

Before putting clothes on the washing machine there are some things to do, such as turning the clothes inside to make sure that the pockets are completely free and contain no leaves or food crumbs, and close any zipper with clothes and open all the buttons, according to CNN, the cloud The open may cause other clothes to be damaged by the machine, and the closed buttons may cause the buttons to widen.

Problem with detergents

Today’s advice may seem a bit strange, but the amount of detergent does not increase the likelihood of cleanliness as some might imagine, but on the contrary it may increase the growth of bacteria in some places such as behind the collars, because the amount of detergent presses On the dirt, and then contribute to its stability and the formation of a layer of bacteria.

And the proliferation of detergent also may damage the washing machine itself and get out of the foam of the door causing rust to the body of the washing machine.

Another tip more exotic offered site “Reader’s Digest” It is not a lot of washing clothes jeans, because they are depending on the location, damage and quenched color faster, and better not to be washed only in the case of obvious spots or began to smell the change, and in this case was in the low temperature program .

To keep jeans clothes from damage do not wash them only for necessity (pixels )

Remove Stains

Everyone spots suffer, but the best solution is not rubbing strongly, Valfrck perish clothing and cause an increase in the spread of the spot, the best is immersion spot with water to get rid of spots and try to remove the spot gently from its external borders to the inside solution, and whenever it is dealing with the spot as soon as they happen easily to get rid Of them finally.

Where do socks disappear?

There are several legends about where the socks disappear with the washing machine, but you can stop this myth if you use washing machine bags to wash the socks as recommended by the site “House Beautyful” in this way will not lose any individual sock again.

You can also use washing machine bags in many other uses, such as washing sports shoes and toys, and if you can not get bags for the washing machine, you can use bags and cushions cloth and connect well.


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