Aria Stark .. Who is the heroine that saved everyone in the “conflict of the Thrones”?

Aria Stark is one of the main characters in the series “Conflict of the Thrones”, played by Missy Williams for the first time in the episode “Winter Comes” in 2011.

In the midst of theatrical screams, super-violence, and intertwined events, Aria Stark is the heroine of the novel, which has remained steadfast. She does not always behave ethically, but at least she can distinguish the difference between right and wrong.

The character of Aria Stark is a testimony to the richness of George R.’s novel. R. Martin. With the performance of Macy Williams, Arria has become a much closer character to many observers. She is a lucky hero whose survival is optimistic, especially after she defeated blue eyes to kill King of the Night in the third episode of the season.

Family History

Aria is the youngest daughter of Lord Edward and Mrs. Kathleen Starck. She is nine years old at the beginning of the series. She has four brothers and sisters: Big Brother Robb, his younger brothers, Bran and Rickon, and her older sister Sansa. Aria is a rebellious figure for the family, more interested in swords and fighting than girls’ toys and embroidery, and she is bored with the rituals of the royal court, loving her father, who is close to her half-brother John.

The heroine’s journey

Aria Stark is a unique heroine experience that is almost completely isolated from all the other stories since the first season. Her journey across continents has provided her with a strong group of mentors, trainers, and experiences. Thrown into the crucible of darkness, growing before our eyes. She is brave and flexible, but she is also a murderer who is obsessed with revenge, fascinated by violence and death.

Aria is talented in horseback riding. Unlike her sister Sansa, who favors activities that suit a woman of a noble race. Unlike other members of the family John Snow, he encourages her to learn how to fight and gives her a small sword. The sword is perfectly suited to the slim body of Arya and her favorite style of fencing which emphasizes speed and agility. She was trained to fight initially by Sirio Forel, a sword fighter and trainer appointed by Lord Edward Stark to train Arria.

During her travels, Aria shows a lot of tricks and cunning, and she becomes increasingly merciless over time, because she faces many difficult situations and most of her family dies before her eyes.

Is famous for a list of names of those who want to kill them to take revenge of her family, and the frequency of names remaining in the list whenever you kill any of them. She also joined a group that offered them some sacrifices, so she could have the talent to change her face in front of anyone, helping her get the quickest way to kill her enemies.

Aria is the only one of her siblings who inherits Stark’s features, and is said to resemble her late aunt Liana in terms of shape and temperament. In the start of the series, she is generally an anarchist and simple-looking, her personality changes somewhat over time and her female character eventually emerges.

Beyond Arria Stark – Macy Williams

Margaret Constance “Macy” Williams, born April 15, 1997, is an English actress, born in Bristol, and studied theater arts at Bath College of Dance. Known as Aria Stark also since it appeared in the series of the game of thrones. She won several awards for her role, including the Best Supporting Actress Award, the Best Supporting Actress Portal Award, and the Best Young Actor Award.

She also played a recurring role in Dr. Achilder’s role in 2015. She first appeared in a feature film in The Falling and won the London Film Critics’ Award for Young Artist.

In 2012, she played Lauren Calley in the BBC’s “The Secret of Crickley Hall” and appeared in several independent films, Heatstroke (2013) and Gold (2014).

The Effect of Aria Stark in the Life of Macy

During a Missy interview with Lewis Hughes, I talked about the overwhelming feeling I had when playing Aryeh Stark. It all started when Macy Williams was 15 years old and was surrounded by all negative thoughts, and everything seemed dark in front of her.

The ideas inside her head, such as suicidal thoughts, were so overwhelming that she said these things aloud and was not even able to recognize them. She also suffered from anxiety and attended treatment sessions for a long time.


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